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How do I order cannabis?

Select BUY CANNABIS on the home page. Select your preferred location for product delivery  or “Click & Collect” services. Please have your valid government issued photo ID, as well as, your form of payment ready to present to the delivery driver or in store. Alternatively, head down to one of our shops to browse product in person. A Mind Flower budtender will be happy to assist you.

What type of ID do I need?

We accept government issued photo ID only. The ID must be valid and a staff member may request a second form of identification if necessary. Acceptable forms of photo identification include:

– Driver’s Licence
– Passport
– Citizenship Card
– Canadian Armed Forces Identification Card
– Photo card issued by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO)
– Secure Indian Status Card
– Permanent Resident Card
– Photo card issued under the Photo Card Act, 2008
– Equivalent foreign photo identification such as a passport or European Union identity card

Do you accept cash?

Yes, we sure do.

How much cannabis can I carry at one time?

30 grams is the legal carrying limit for one person. For non flower cannabis product, we will only sell you the DFE (Dried Flower Equivalent) of 30 grams.

Can I return my cannabis product?

All cannabis is FINAL SALE. No exchange or returns. Should you suspect a quality issue with your product, please give any of our stores a call and ask to speak with a manager.

Do you accept returns on non cannabis products?

We will offer returns for unopened, non cannabis items that are in original condition and accompanied by a valid, original receipt. The non-cannabis item can be returned within 10 calendar days or exchanged within 21 calendar days. All opened non-cannabis products are FINAL SALE.

How does delivery work?

Select “Buy Cannabis” on our home page which will lead you to select the location you wish to order from. Once you select the, “BUY CANNABIS” button under the store location, that will bring you to our online menu. Here, you can select our Delivery options. Please note, deliveries will be sent out between 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM daily. Orders placed before 7:00 PM will receive same day delivery. Orders placed after 7:00 PM, will be sent out the next day. Please have your valid government issued photo ID as well as your form of payment ready to present to the delivery driver upon arrival.

What COVID safety protocols do you have in place?

Our number one priority is to ensure our guests and staff members have a safe and clean experience with Mind Flower. We have implemented the following safety measures:

– Sneeze guards
– All staff and customers are required to wear masks at all times
– Hand sanitizer stations throughout our stores
– Frequent cleaning with disinfectant cleaner
– 25% capacity in store
– Delivery or Click and Collect options
– Mandatory Health Screening questions and temperature checks for all staff

Do we only sell flower?

Hell nah! We have flower (pre roll and dried flower), concentrates, vapes ,edibles, beverages, oils, sprays, topicals and various cannabis accessories.

Do you have something that can help with pain or sleeping?

We are a recreational cannabis dispensary however, we do offer similar if not identical products that medical patients have access to. We suggest you consult with your physician prior to visiting the store to receive any guidance or recommendations. If you have had a product in the past that you used medically, we will do our best to suggest something similar however, we cannot guarantee the same outcome.

What if I can't make it to the store?

No stress, give us a call and we can help you over the phone. Alternatively, we can schedule you in a virtual session with one of our Budtenders. If you are within our delivery catchment area, we will bring your order to your doorstep.

Do you have vegan or gluten free edibles?

The Regulations prohibit claims which reference special dietary requirements such as vegan or vegetarian. However, Licensed Producers are permitted to indicate if there are possible allergens, gluten or sulphites as this is a mandatory labelling requirement for all edible products. See nutritional label for a full list of ingredients, or call to speak with a Budtender.

Are any edibles nut free?

All edible packaging will list potential allergens that are, or could be present in the product which includes peanuts and all tree nuts.

What is the difference between hemp and cannabis?

Hemp and cannabis are terms used for the same species of plant, cannabis sativa. While the two have a similar appearance, the term hemp is used to classify cannabis plants that contain no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As with cannabis, Health Canada regulates hemp production and controls the type of hemp strains that producers are allowed to grow. Health Canada reports, that because these strains contain so little THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, they cannot produce the intoxicating effect typically associated with cannabis use.

How do I read the THC/CBD content displayed on my cannabis package/container?


In its natural state, cannabis has a low level of active cannabinoids. When cannabis is decarboxylated, either through heating or processing, its cannabinoid levels increase. So, the CBD and the THC content are displayed on every product label in two ways.

On package labels, the first numbers, listed as THC and/or CBD, represent the active cannabinoid levels in the cannabis as purchased. Dried cannabis will have a low level of active cannabinoids because it hasn’t been heated yet.

The second numbers are listed as Total THC and Total CBD. This represents the active cannabinoid levels in the cannabis when ready for consumption. Because oil and capsule products have been processed (and the cannabinoids heated already), the second and first numbers will be the same between products.

Why does legal cannabis cost more than cannabis in the legacy market?

We feel ya here! Some of our prices may be higher than those in the legacy market, however, when you purchase from an AGCO-authorized retail store, you are getting tested, traceable, high-quality cannabis products.

We have been involved in the industry for years, so trust us when we say that supplying our guests with affordable, high quality options is our mission! Over recent years, we have noticed prices drop significantly as Licensed Producers are learning to grow at lower costs, however, we recognize that the industry still has some work to do. Trust that we will have an option that best suits you and your budget.